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    What are emoticons?

    Emoticons are a fun way of expressing yourself in your instant messages. If you’re inviting your friends to a party , you can show it with an emoticon.

    To send an emoticon in an IM:

    1. Select the smiley face in the conversation box to bring up the emoticon palette.

    The emoticon window displayed after selecting the smiley face icon.

    1. Choose the emoticon you want to send, then press Enter or click Send as normal.

    For extra impact, send large emoticons – just choose the emoticon you want and send it without any accompanying text.

    You can also send emoticons without using the palette, by using keyboard shortcuts instead. Each emoticon has a shortcut, like :) or (sun) – just type the shortcut into the IM window. 

    To see all available emoticons and flags, check out this handy guide.

    You can send emoticons from any Skype app, but some mobile devices can’t display them. If your phone is unable to display the emoticon, you'll see the keyboard shortcut instead.

    For options relating to sending, receiving and animating emoticons, check your Skype settings.

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