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    What is the FREETALK® Connect Me box?

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    The FREETALK® Connect Me box is an analogue phone adapter (ATA). It is no longer available for purchase.

    If you already purchased one, you can use it to make and receive free, unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls using your normal analogue phone, call mobiles and landlines at home or abroad, and can have up to 99 contacts in your speed dial list. The FREETALK® Connect Me box can be integrated into an office or home where there are multiple handsets for a single base station, giving everyone around you access to low calling rates. Please note that each base station requires a unique FREETALK® Connect Me box to enjoy the benefits of free and low-cost calling.

    To use the FREETALK Connect Me box, you need a PC, Mac or smartphone to configure the device, an internet connection, and a home phone. You’ll also need a Skype account, which you can create directly from the device if you don’t already have one, and a small amount of Skype Credit or a subscription to make calls to mobiles and landlines. Calls to other people on Skype are free, and do not require a subscription.

    If you purchased a FREETALK Connect Me box with a subscription, and you already had an identical existing subscription, the new subscription comes into effect when your existing subscription comes to an end. Find out more about having multiple Skype subscriptions.

    You can buy Skype Credit for your FREETALK Connect Me phone adapter by visiting and clicking Buy Credit. You can also enable Auto-Recharge so you’ll never run out of Skype Credit.

    Important: If you’re using an ATA purchased from eBuyNow, note that eBuyNow is no longer in business and they are not offering direct customer support anymore. We will continue to assist you in the best possible way with problems you may have with these devices. However, our ability to solve problems will be limited.

    Please contact Skype customer support for any issues related to the use of the FREETALK® Connect Me box.