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How can I remove my Skype Name from the sign-in screen in Skype for Linux?

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When you sign in to Skype, your Skype Name is added to the drop-down list on the sign-in screen.

The Skype name added to the drop-down list on the Skype sign-in screen.

To remove your Skype Name from the sign-in screen:

  1. Quit Skype.
  2. Go to /home/YOURLINUXUSERNAME/.Skype
    where YOURLINUXUSERNAME needs to be replaced with your Linux user account name.
  3. In the .Skype folder, delete the folder with your Skype Name.

    If you can’t find the .Skype folder in your home folder, press the Ctrl+H key combination on your keyboard to make sure you can see the hidden files and folders.

When you restart Skype, your Skype Name will no longer be displayed.

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