What should I do if I have a problem with my audio quality in Skype for Linux?

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Note: The following instructions are for the Ubuntu operating system, and may differ on other Linux distributions. 

  1. Open System > Preferences > Sound.
  2. If you cannot hear any sound:
    1. In the Hardware tab, select your preferred hardware.
    2. If required, choose the device profile from the dropdown list.
    3. Ensure that the device is not set to mute and click Test Speakers.

  3. Check your input settings:
    1. Ensure the microphone that you wish to use is selected as the sound input device
    2. Test it to ensure it is receiving sound:
    3. Choose the connector, if required. The one selected below, Analog Line-in, will cover input from a device connecting through the external microphone rather than a built in microphone.
    4. Ensure that the device is not set to mute.

  4. Configure your output/speaker settings.
    1. Ensure the speakers that you wish to use are selected as the sound output device.
    2. Test to ensure the speakers are making sound.
    3. Check that the balance is correct.
    4. Choose the connector, if required.
    5. Ensure that the device is not set to mute.

  5. Check that these settings are reflected within Skype itself. Select Main Menu > Options > Sound Devices and give them a final check before making a test call.

    If you encounter problems after this, we recommend that you check out your distribution documentation and your hardware documentation. You could also visit the Skype Community for more assistance.

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