How do I download and sign into Skype for Windows desktop?


It’s easy to get started with Skype, simply download and install Skype, then sign in.

Downloading Skype


Go to the Skype website and click Get Skype for Windows desktop.


Save the Skype installation file, then open it to install Skype on your computer.


Select your language, read the Skype Terms of Use and the Skype Privacy Policy, then click I agree – next.

The I agree - next button in the Skype installation window.

4 Read the Skype Click to Call information. If you don't want to install Skype Click to Call, uncheck the Install Skype Click to Call box before you click Continue.


Read the Microsoft Services Agreement and Privacy Policy, then select Continue.

If you don’t want Bing to be set as your internet search engine, uncheck the Make Bing my Search engine box before you click Continue.

The Continue button in the Skype installation window.

If you have anti-virus software on your computer, it may ask you to give Skype permission to go ahead with the installation. Don’t worry, it only happens once – just click Yes to proceed.


Your Skype installation will start. When it is complete, Skype will open and display the sign-in screen.

Microsoft account selected in the sign-in screen.

Signing into Skype

To begin using Skype, you need to sign in first. You can sign in with your:

No matter which of the three options you choose, you’ll be able to use all the great Skype features such as free Skype to Skype voice and video calls, chatting with your friends with instant messages, and much more besides.

Important: If you're using Windows XP, be sure you've updated Windows to Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Here are a few pages that can help you do even more:


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