Where are alerts and messages displayed?


You receive alerts and messages, including Help & Skype tips or Promotions, when you are signed into Skype, underneath your Contacts list.

The alerts and messages are displayed in different colours, to help you know if they are errors, tips or promotional messages:

  • A red background is used for error messages.
  • A yellow background is used for help and tips.
  • A blue background is used for promotional messages.

All account-related alerts, such as Auto-recharge transactions, currency changes, or product purchases, are displayed in Skype Home.

To view Skype Home click View > Skype Home.

To disable alerts and messages:

  1. Click Tools > Options > Notifications.
  2. Select Alerts & messages.
  3. Under Show messages about… tick the boxes for the alerts and messages you wish to receive.
  4. Click Save to update your settings.

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