How do I review a business using SkypeFind?

Using SkypeFind, you can leave reviews and ratings for businesses. Other people on Skype can use these reviews to help them find the right business for them. The following questions and answers will help you review businesses using SkypeFind.

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How do I add a review to SkypeFind?

On a business listings page, click Add your review and type your review into the Comments box. You can also select a rating for the business from one of the following options:

  • Really good
  • Good
  • Not so good

When you’ve finished your review, click Save and your review will be displayed on the listing.


Can I edit my reviews?

Yes, you can edit your own reviews. Simply search the business you reviewed and click on it to see the details. Scroll down to your review and click Edit your review. A text box opens where you can edit what you have written. When you finish editing your review, click Save.


I don’t agree with someone’s review – can I change it?

We believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, so if you don’t agree with someone else’s review or a business, simply add your own. If you believe that a review is inappropriate or offensive you can report it by clicking Report a concern.

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