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How do I accept a contact request?

To talk with friends and family, you’ll first need to share contact details. If someone sends you a contact request, you will need to accept it before you can talk to them.

To accept a contact request:

  1. Above your contact list, click Recent. The number inside the orange circle represents how many contact requests or instant messages you have pending.  

    The message from the person with a question mark as a status icon is the pending contact request.

  2. To accept or decline the contact request, enter the chat window by clicking the contact's name.
  3. To accept the contact request, click Accept. The contact is added to your contact list, and you can see their online status and make free calls and video calls with them.

Alternatively, you can Decline the contact if you do not wish to connect with this person.

If you are online, and Skype is minimized to the taskbar, incoming contact requests will appear as pop-up notifications in your system tray. Click the pop-up to open the request, then follow the steps above.

You can also send one or more contacts' details to your friends in a call or an instant message conversation.

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