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How do I make the numbers on my website compatible with Click to Call?

From October 20th 2016, Skype Click to Call will be retired. Learn more.

Skype Click to Call makes it easier for visitors to your website to call phone numbers listed on your page, as long as they’re formatted in a way that our software can recognize. Follow the guidelines below to make sure phone numbers are displayed correctly.

Supported phone number format

Phone numbers should be in the format +CC - NDC - SN, where:

  • CC = Country Code
  • NDC = National Destination Code
  • SN = Subscriber Number

For example, USA phone numbers have the following international format:

+ 1 - City Area Code - Number you wish to call

This is how it will look: +1-862-3135071

Always use this format for scripting phone numbers on your webpages, and make sure you enter the + sign at the beginning of each number.

Checking the number length

Check the length of the phone numbers before you publish them on your website to be sure that they’ll be recognized. You can use an online service* for this. Just select a country from the drop-down list to check how long the phone number should be.

*Skype is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Grouping the digits in phone numbers

These are our preferred ways of writing phone numbers:

  • Write all digits of the number together (without any delimiters), for example: +18623135071
  • Group digits by Country Code, National Destination Code and Subscriber Number, for example: +1-862-3135071

Supported delimiters

You can use the following delimiters between groups of digits in a phone number:

  • hyphen -
  • space ' '
  • round brackets ()
  • dot .
  • slash /

If you do use a delimiter we recommend using a hyphen or space, for example: +1-862-3135071 or +1 862 3135071.

  • Don’t use two identical delimiters together (for example, two space symbols or two hyphens).
  • Don’t use two non-space delimiters together (for example, hyphen and round bracket): +1-(862)-3135071
  • If you want to use two or more delimiters at once, put a space symbol between the two non-space delimiters:
    • +1 - (862) - 3135071
    • +1 - 862 - 3135071
  • Don’t use unsupported delimiters (such as []).

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