How can I get Skype on my Windows Phone?

This FAQ shows you where to download Skype for your Windows Phone 7 and 8, what your phone needs to run Skype properly, and which languages Skype for Windows Phone is available in.

Where can I download Skype for Windows Phone?

Skype for Windows Phone 7 and Skype for Windows Phone 8 are available for download in the Windows Phone Store. They’re really easy to download – you’ll see only the version of Skype that can be used on your device. Alternatively, visit from your mobile phone and tap Download now to get Skype for your Windows Phone.

Skype is free to download, but operator charges may apply if you use a mobile data connection.

What do I need to run Skype for Windows Phone?

To run Skype for Windows Phone, you will need a device running Windows Phone 7.5 or 8 with more than 512MB of memory. Since Skype for Windows Phone 8 does not run on devices with Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 (Mango), you cannot upgrade Skype for Windows Phone 7 to Skype for Windows Phone 8.

Which languages is Skype for Windows Phone available in?

Skype for Windows Phone is currently available in English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Euro Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese. 

Learn more about Skype for Windows Phone 7.  

Learn more about Skype for Windows Phone 8.


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