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    Finding your way around Skype (Mac)

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    Have you downloaded Skype and joined us? Then you’re ready to get calling.

    To open Skype, go to the Applications folder and double-click the Skype icon.

    Skype application

    A. Menu bar - includes all the options that will help you get the most out of Skype.

    B. Status area - you can change your Skype status and add Skype Credit from here.

    C. New conversation - start a new chat conversation with one of your contacts.

    D. Call phones button - displays the dial pad so you can call mobiles and landlines.

    E. Sidebar - access Skype Home, your contacts and recent conversations.

    Skype main window

    F. Global Search box - Here, you can find and add contacts, find conversations, find messages from your chat history, or call a phone number directly, all by putting the name, word, or number you want into the global search box.

    G. Conversation summary - Displayed when you select a contact or set up a group chat. Summarizes the details of the contacts you’re currently chatting to in Skype. The buttons on the right let you call someone on Skypesend filessend contactsshare your screen or add more people to the conversation.

    H. Conversation window - Displayed when you select a contact or set up a group chat. Shows the instant message conversation you’re having.

    I. Conversation box - Displayed when you select a contact or set up a group chat. Use this box to type and send your instant messages and SMS text messages.

    Skype view settings

    J. View - You can now change your sidebar view under the View > Sidebar menu to compact, regular, and detailed.

    Now that you can find your way around Skype, you're ready to add your friends as contacts, then call, video call, and instant message them.

    If you're new to Skype and have a question, why not ask it in our community?



    No emergency calls with Skype
    Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling