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    How can I take video snapshots using a hotkey?

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    During your video calls you can use hotkeys to easily capture images of your friends and family. Video snapshots will be stored locally on your computer.

    To set a hotkey for taking snapshots during your video calls:

    1. In Skype, in the menu bar, click Tools > Options. From the Options window select Advanced > Hotkeys.
    2. Tick Enable keyboard shortcuts.
    3. Tick Take a snapshot during video calls.

    1. In the pop-up window, enter a key combination (For example tick Ctrl and enter S to assign Ctrl+S as a hotkey combination) then click OK and Save.

    To change the hotkey, click Change selected shortcut from the Options window, and assign the new hotkey.

    When you’ve taken some snapshots, you can view them all by clicking Gallery.

    Click Share to share your snapshots with your friends, and click Locate to find the images on your computer.

    Learn more about video snapshots.


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