What are prepaid cards and how can I use them?

You can use a Skype prepaid card to buy Skype Credit or subscriptions.

Prepaid cards are available for purchase at selected retailers. They have a PIN code (hidden under a scratch-off area) that is used to redeem the card in your Skype account.

Prepaid cards are currently sold in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico, and you can choose to buy one of the following:


  • 12 months Unlimited US and Canada Subscription
  • 3 months Skype Premium (including Unlimited US and Canada)
  • $10 and $25 Skype Credit


  • £10 and £20 Skype Credit


  • A$10 and A$25 Skype Credit

New Zealand

  • US$7.50 Skype Credit (local price NZ$10) and US$18.50 Skype Credit (local price NZ$25)

Learn more about prepaid cards in Mexico.

How can I use my prepaid card?

After you’ve bought your prepaid card at the store, you’ll need to redeem it online. To redeem your card:

  1. Click this link, then sign in to your account, or if you don’t have an account yet, create a new one.
  2. Enter the 19-digit PIN code that can be found on the back of your card, then agree to the Skype Terms of Use.

    Card number entered and highlighted in the Redeem your voucher or prepaid card page

    If you’ve bought a Skype Credit prepaid card in the USA, you may be asked to confirm the value of the card.

    Card value entered and highlighted in the Redeem your voucher or prepaid card page

    Important: Make sure that you enter the value printed on the card, as the total amount you paid at the store may have included additional taxes. Always enter the card number and value correctly, with no spaces or hyphens.
  3. Click Redeem voucher or prepaid card.
  4. Your account will be updated.


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