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What platforms is Skype available on?

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You can use Skype on the following platforms:

Platform Latest versions
Windows 10 Skype 11.14.662.0 for Windows 10
Windows Skype 7.35 for Windows Desktop, Skype 3.1 for Windows RT
Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 Skype 2.27 for Windows Phone 8 and Skype 2.26 for Windows Phone 8.1
Xbox One Skype 1.9 for Xbox One
Mac Skype 7.51 for Mac
Linux Skype 4.3 for Linux
Android Skype 7.44 for Android
iPhone Skype 6.34 for iPhone
iPad Skype 6.34 for iPad
iPod touch Skype 6.34 for iPod Touch
Nokia X Skype 5.11 for Nokia X
Amazon Fire Phone Skype 6.15 for Amazon Fire Phone
Amazon Kindle Fire HD/HDX Skype 6.15 for Amazon Kindle Fire HD/HDX
Amazon Fire HD Tablet Skype 6.15 for Amazon Fire HD tablet
Blu-ray devices Depends on the device

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