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    How can I get support for Skype?

    There are lots of different ways to get support for Skype. You’ve made it to one of them, but there are more to be found. Click one of the areas below to learn more about the support options available to you.

    You're here already! The Skype Support website contains over 950 FAQs and user guides related to everything Skype, from Skype for Windows to Skype subscriptions. You can search for an answer to your question and then use our filters to make sure you find out about Skype on your device, or you can browse by category and learn everything you need to know.

    The Skype Community is a forum for everything related to Skype. You can search for an answer from the start page, or if you’d like to ask your own question, simply sign in with your account and complete your profile to get involved.

    If you can’t find an answer to your question, or you’d like to speak to us about a specific problem, you can contact Customer Service.

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