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    How do I send and receive video messages in Skype for iOS?

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    With the latest version of Skype for iOS, you can keep in touch with your friends in even more ways, by sending them video messages. You can record a short video, edit it if you want and send it to your contacts or groups.

    The following questions and answers will help you set up video messaging on your iOS device:

    How do I record and send video messages with Skype for iOS?

    To record and send a video message:

    1. Tap the contact or group you’d like to send a video message to.
    2. Tap the Send video message button  in the chat text box. If you are using your phone horizontally, tap the paperclip icon and then choose Send video message.
    3. The record screen appears.
    4. Tap the record icon to start or stop recording.
    5. Once you've recorded your message, you can review it by tapping the play icon; send it by tapping the send icon; or delete the video message by tapping the trash can.

    Keep in mind that the video messages you record can’t be longer than three minutes.

    How do I view received video messages?

    It’s easy to view a video message you've received:

    1. Start Skype.
    2. Go to Recent and open the conversation the video was sent to.
    3. Tap on the video message to view it.

    You can prevent video messages from being downloaded automatically by managing this option in your settings:

    1. Go to My info, and then select Settings
    2. Tap Download video messages
    3. Tap the Never radio button to stop all automatic downloads of video messages. Seleft wifi only, or wifi and mobile to turn this option back on at any time. 

    When automatic download is turned off, you can still save your video messages manually following the steps in the How do I save my video messages section.

    How do I save my video messages?

    Did you record or receive a memorable video message that you want to save forever? Locate the video message in your chat history, then long tap on the message until a menu pops up. Select Save video to save it to your phone's photo gallery. 

    How do I delete my video messages?

    You can delete the video messages you’ve recorded before sending them by tapping the trash can icon. You can also delete your sent video messages after they've been sent. Tap and hold on the video message then select Delete. However, you can't delete video messages you've received.

    Why do I receive "This video message is no longer available"?

    Did you receive a message "This video message is no longer available" when you tried to view or save a video message? It’s because legacy (older) video messages can no longer be viewed or saved.

    To avoid losing any special messages that you want to keep, we recommend saving them as soon as possible.

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