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How do I remove an account from Skype Manager™?

If you don’t want to delete an account from your Skype Manager, you can remove it and disassociate all the Skype products attached to it, so that members can continue using their Skype accounts if they would like to.

Before removing an account from Skype Manager, we recommend that you back up all the data related to that account, especially the payment information. You need to do the data back up manually. Locally stored data such as chat logs will remain unaffected.

To remove a member’s account from Skype Manager:

  1. Sign in to Skype Manager.
  2. Click Members in the toolbar and select the member(s) you want to remove.
  3. Select Details on the left, then click Remove from Skype Manager.

If the member whose account you want to remove is the only Admin, you’ll need to assign another member as an Admin before remove the account.

  1. In the window that opens, select Release account.

Once you remove a member, any credit or Skype Numbers linked to that account will be returned to your Skype Manager balance. Any remaining subscriptions will end once expired.

Since Admin accounts have payment information registered to them, removing an Admin account will disable the auto-recharge settings for the entire company. We recommend that you back up your payment information before removing Admin accounts.

Learn more about deleting an account.

  1. Enter the member’s first and last name, and email address, then click Confirm.

The member will receive an email requesting the removal, and you’ll be able to track its status under Members > Transfer Status > Remove.

After the member accepts the account removal request, the status message will be removed from the list.

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