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What keyboard shortcuts can I use with Skype for Mac OS X?

Keyboard shortcuts are specific combinations of two or more keys on your keyboard. They make it easier and faster for you to use commands that you would otherwise have to access via the menus. You can use keyboard shortcuts to easily quit Skype, send a file, copy text and a lot more.

This FAQ contains a list of the shortcuts specific to Skype for Mac. Skype supports all the standard keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS X. As Skype behaves the same way as all other applications, certain supported keyboard shortcuts, such as the Command+Q key combination to quit an application, are not listed in this FAQ.

The below list of shortcuts uses Apple’s naming convention for modifier keys. Menu items use symbols for modifier keys instead of spelling out their names. A Mac keyboard may use either a symbol or even a specific term for the same modifier key. Following is the list of symbols with the corresponding modifier key names you may come across:

  • ⌘ (Command key) — The Command key may also be labeled with the Apple symbol Apple symbol on your keyboard.
  • ⎇ (Option key) — The Option key may also be labeled with the abbreviation “Alt” on your keyboard.
  • ⇧ (Shift key)
  • ⌃ (Control key)
  • ⏎ (Return key)
  • ↑ (Up Arrow key)
  • ↓ (Down Arrow key)
  • → (Right Arrow key)
  • ← (Left Arrow key)

Global shortcuts

Key combination Action
[Command]+[1] Display the main Skype window
[Command]+[2] Display the dial pad
[Command]+[3] Display the contacts monitor
[Command]+[4] Display the Skype WiFi window
[Command]+[N] Open a new conversation
[Command]+[W] Close the current conversation, profile or search
[Command]+[Shift]+[W] Close the Skype window
[Command]+[Shift]+[I] Edit your profile
[Command]+[Option]+[F] Search contacts and messages
[Command]+[Control]+[F] Enter full screen mode
[Command]+[Shift]+[O] Skype Home
[Command]+[Shift]+[C] Contacts
[Command]+[Y] History

Search shortcuts

Key combination Action
Down Arrow Select the next item in the suggestions menu
Up Arrow Select the previous item in the suggestions menu
[Command]+[Down Arrow] Move to the next section of the suggestions menu
[Command]+[Up Arrow] Move to the previous section of the suggestions menu

Contacts shortcuts

Key combination Action
[Command]+[Option]+[4] View contacts as a list
[Command]+[Option]+[5] View contacts as pictures
Return Start a conversation with selected contacts
[Option]+[Return] Start a call with selected contacts
Delete Delete selected contacts or remove them from the current list

Conversation shortcuts

Key combination Action
Return Send the message entered in the input field
[Option]+[Return] Insert a new line into the input field
Escape Clear the input field
[Command]+[Shift]+[E] Edit the last message you have sent
Up Arrow Edit the last message you have sent (if the input field is empty)
[Command]+[+] Make text bigger
[Command]+[0] Make text normal size
[Command]+[-] Make text smaller
[Command]+[F] Open the Find bar
[Command]+[G] Find Next
[Command]+[Shift]+[G] Find Previous
[Command]+[Shift]+[S] Send an SMS text message
[Command]+[Shift]+[F] Send files
[Command]+[Shift]+[U] Mark a conversation as unread
[Command]+[Shift]+[A] Add people to the conversation
[Command]+[I] Show the contact's profile (in a one-to-one conversation)
[Command]+[Option]+[Right Arrow] Next conversation in the sidebar
[Command]+[Option]+[Left Arrow] Previous conversation in the sidebar

Call shortcuts

Key combination Action
[Command]+[Shift]+[H] End the current call
[Command]+[Shift]+[M] Mute the microphone
[Command]+[Shift]+[R] Initiate a call or answer an incoming call with audio
[Command]+[Option]+[Up Arrow] Increase the volume
[Command]+[Option]+[Down Arrow] Decrease the volume
[Command]+[Option]+[Control]+[Up Arrow] Enter the Push to Talk mode. Release to mute the microphone
[Command]+[2] Display the dial pad

Learn more about editing keyboard shortcuts in Skype for Mac.

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