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Why can’t I see any video from my webcam in Skype for Linux?

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Before making a video call, check that your webcam is working correctly with Skype for Linux. If it is, you’re ready to make a video call. If it’s not, you won’t be able to send any video to the person you’re video calling.

The following advice can help if your webcam is not working correctly with Skype. You can also visit our forum dedicated to video issues. These tips* on webcam installation and settings might help as well.



Has your webcam been switched off or unplugged? Check that your webcam is switched on and is plugged in to your computer.
Is another program using your webcam? Close all programs that may be using the webcam. These include video editing software, instant messengers, browsers, and even some websites.

Once you've done the above, check that your webcam is being used by Skype. Press Ctrl+O to open the Options window. In the window, select Video Devices and check the Enable Skype Video option. If you can see a live picture in the video window, your webcam is working correctly.
Are you using an old version of Skype? Make sure that both you and the person you’re video calling are using the latest version of Skype for Linux.
Does your computer meet system requirements? Make sure that your computer meets the system requirements  to run Skype.
Is your webcam incompatible with your version of Linux? Refer to your webcam’s user guide and the website of your webcam manufacturer to make sure that it is compatible with your version of Linux.
Are your webcam drivers out of date? A driver is the program you install with a webcam which makes the webcam work on your computer. Some webcams use preinstalled drivers so you may not have had to install one. Make sure you have the most recent drivers for your webcam by downloading them from the webcam manufacturer's website.
Are your webcam drivers loading? To let your webcam drivers load, try disabling Skype from signing you in automatically when you start your computer:
  1. Sign out of Skype. At the bottom of the Skype application, click the Skype button, then click Sign Out.
  2. In the Welcome to Skype window, uncheck the Sign me in when Skype starts option.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Sign in to Skype and make a video call.
Is your operating system up to date? Make sure that the version of Linux that you’re using is up to date.

To see the list of the webcams that have been tested on Skype, check the official Ubuntu site*.

* Skype is not responsible for the content of external sites.



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