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[For Mexican customers] What are Skype cards and how can I use them?

You can use a Skype card to buy Skype Credit or subscriptions.

Skype cards are available at selected retailers, department stores and kiosks. They have a PIN code (hidden under a scratch-off area) that is used to redeem the card in your Skype account.

 The following Skype cards are available in Mexico:

  • 1 month Unlimited US Subscription to call mobiles and landlines (local price MXN $100)
  • US $10 Skype Credit to call anywhere in the world at per minute rates (local price MXN $150)

What is the difference between a Skype Credit and a subscription package card?

A subscription package allows you to make unlimited* calls to mobiles and landlines in the US.
With Skype Credit, you can call mobiles and landlines worldwide at Skype’s great rates, or you can send SMS text messages to mobiles from Skype.

*A fair usage policy applies.

How can I use my Skype card?

After you’ve bought and activated your card at the store, you’ll need to redeem it online. To redeem your card:

  1. Click this link, then sign in to your account or, if you don’t have an account yet, create a new one.
  2. Enter your PIN code that can be found on the back of your card. Agree to the Skype Terms of Use, then click Redeem voucher or prepaid card.

    The card number entered and highlighted in the Redeem your voucher or prepaid card page.


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