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What does 'Skype me' mean?

Has someone you know said ‘Skype me’ to you? If they have they’re more than likely asking that you contact them on Skype. This could be via a voice or video call, or by chatting with IM (instant messages). For example, your friend sends you an email saying, ‘Skype me when you get the chance!’. To get in contact with them simply sign in to Skype and get in touch. If you need to add them to your Skype, check out this guide to adding Skype Names to your contact list .

New to Skype? It’s easy to learn more about getting started, making a video call or sending an instant message.

You may also have heard about SkypeMe!®. This was a feature that allowed you to talk to anyone on Skype, without them adding you as a contact first. It’s been discontinued.

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