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Why are some features not available in Skype anymore?

We’re always working hard to improve your Skype experience. Sometimes this means that we may discontinue certain Skype features or products when we feel they can no longer help you get the most from Skype.

The following is a list of features that have been discontinued in Skype:

MySpace integration: Discontinued from Skype 5.0. Myspace is a social networking service. It was possible to link Skype and Myspace profile information and add MySpace users that were also using Skype to the Skype contact list.

Public Chats: Discontinued from Skype 4.0. This feature enabled Skype users to come together and discuss selected topics without sending any contact requests.

Send Money: This feature allowed Skype users to send and receive money using their PayPal* account. Now we encourage you to use the PayPal service directly.

*Skype is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Skype Lite: This was a Skype application for mobile phones running on various platforms such as Java, Android and BlackBerry®. We decided to discontinue it because it hadn’t achieved the quality we want to provide you with. Skype is now available for many mobile platforms so you can download it to your mobile device at any time.

SkypeMe!: Skype users who selected the SkypeMe! mode were available to chat with all users, including those that they didn’t know and didn’t share their contact details with.

SkypeFind: SkypeFind was a community-edited directory of business numbers.

Skype Prime: Discontinued from Skype 4.0. It was a directory of advisers, “call providers”, who offered advice or skills training over Skype. Calls were charged at a rate that both the callers and advisors agreed on.

Skype Pro: A service that provided Skype users with calling benefits for a small monthly fee. Skype Pro has now been replaced by Skype subscriptions that bring you even more benefits.

Skype Premium: A service that offered group video calling (now free for all users) and unlimited calling to mobiles and landlines in a country of your choice.

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