Solving call quality problems (Mac)

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When you make a Skype call, you can sometimes encounter strange noises or shaky video. There are a number of things that can cause call quality problems. This guide will provide you with a starting point for solving your issue.

Wrong settings or hardware issues may affect the audio quality during a call. However, most of them are easy to fix.

For starters, select one of the following FAQs and troubleshooters that will help you with the audio quality problems you’re experiencing:

Are you experiencing excessive background noise, robotic sound, call echo or call dropping during the call? Check out our handy guide to find out how to solve these problems.

If your calls are dropping out, your video is pixelated or keeps freezing, or if Skype needs to reconnect frequently, you might have a problem with your connection. To solve the connection problems you’re experiencing, check out this handy guide.

It’s also easy to check that you’ve got everything set up correctly by making a test call.

If you’ve still got a problem, there’s loads of other ways to get support for Skype.

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