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    Finding your way around Skype for Windows RT

    This guide will help you find your way around Skype for Windows RT, so when you’re ready, you can add your friends as contacts, then call, video call and instant message them.

    To start Skype, tap or click the Skype tile in the Start screen. If this is your first time with Skype for Windows RT, you’ll have to sign in.

    The Skype tile in the Skype Start screen.

    Finding your way around Skype Home

    The Skype Home screen


    recent: Displays your recent calls and instant message conversations.

    To see all your recent messages, click recent; to just see new messages, click unread.

    favorites: Displays your favorite contacts. You can add contacts to or remove them from the favorites section.

    Learn more about managing your favorites.

    people: Displays all your contacts in alphabetical order. When you select people, all of your contacts are displayed.

    To see your online contacts versus all contacts, click available. To search for or add a friend as a contact, click the add contact button.

    Learn more about adding and removing contacts.

    call phones button The call phones button: Displays the dial pad, so you can call mobiles and landlines.

    Profile icon: Shows your status, mood message and profile picture. You can change any of these anytime you want. Learn more about changing your status, mood message and profile picture.

    The profile icon displaying a profile picture and a mood message.

    Finding your way around your conversation 

    When you tap or click a contact, the conversation view opens. 

    An instant message conversation window with a conversation box below it displayed on the right of the screen and a contact’s profile picture along with the contact’s profile info and call buttons displayed on the left.

    A. Contact summary with call buttons. Tells you all about the friend you’re chatting with. By using the buttons in the picture, you can make a video or a voice call with someone on Skype, or add more people to the conversation.

    B. Conversation. Shows the instant message conversation you’re having.

    C. Conversation box. This is where you enter and send your instant messages and text messages to mobiles.

    Finding your settings

    To check your audio and video settings in Skype for RT, in Skype Home, move your mouse to the upper right corner of the screen or swipe from the right to bring up the charms. Then tap or click Settings.

    The Settings charm selected from among the charms on the right of the Skype Home screen.


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