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    How do I manage my account in Skype for Windows RT?

    Your account is the place where you can manage all of your Skype products such as your subscriptions and Skype Credit, as well as see other useful information, like your purchase history.

    To view your Skype account:

    1. Start Skype.
    2. In the top right corner of Skype Home, tap or click your profile icon to bring up the profile side bar.

    The profile icon selected to bring up the profile side bar

    1. Tap or click account.

    Account selected on the right side of the screen

    1. Your internet browser opens and takes you to the My account section of the Skype website.

    My account section of the Skype website displayed

    In My account, you can easily manage your Skype account settings:

    A. From the left panel, you can buy great Skype products like Skype Credit or subscriptions.

    Add Skype Credit and Add subscription options to be selected to buy Skype Credit or subscription

    B. Under Account details:

    • You can change your personal or contact details by selecting Profile.
    • You can change your notification settings and manage your linked accounts by selecting Account settings.
    • You can change your payment settings by selecting Billing & payments.
    • You can manage Skype features such as Skype To Go number, Caller ID and others, by selecting Manage features.
    • You can check your calling and SMS text messaging history by selecting View usage history. You can also export and save your calling or SMS text messaging history by selecting Export to history file on the My usage webpage.

    Account details window with options to be selected to view and change your account details

    C. Under Manage features, you can also access Skype features directly by selecting their tiles.

    The Manage features window displayed


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