How much does it cost to call mobiles and landlines from Skype?

The price of a call varies depending on where you want to call, and whether you choose to pay as you go using Skype Credit, or buy a calling subscription.

You can check the pay as you go call rates on the rates page of our website. Just type the country you want to call into the search box, or if you want to see rates to all countries, click See all rates.

You can also check the rate per minute before you make a call from Skype. Just click the Call phones tab to open it, and click on the flag icon and select the country you want to call from the drop-down list. Both the pay as you go and the subscription rates for that country are displayed.

The call rate is also displayed in the call window once the other person picks up the call:

Remember, our call rates are the same no matter where you are calling from. They only vary depending on where you are calling to.

The person you call does not get charged any fees by Skype. However, in some countries (for example, the US) people pay for both incoming and outgoing calls on their mobile phones. Also, if you call someone's mobile phone and they are out of their normal network, they might be charged roaming fees by their phone company.

Need help with making a call from Skype? Check out this handy guide.

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