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Sending instant messages (iPad)

Note: This article covers the latest version of Skype (Skype 6 for iOS), but also includes instructions for Skype 4 for iOS here. If you're unsure of which version you're using, click here.

Sending instant message

To send an instant message to your Skype contact:

  1. Sign in to Skype.
  2. Tap the new chat icon  at the top of the screen.  You can also use the Search function at the top of the screen, Scroll through your Recents tab or tap the Contacts tab to tap on a contact and open a conversation window.
  3. Enter your message into the text box.
  4. Tap Send.
  5. You can quickly set up calendar events, start calls and check locations directly from an instant message. You'll notice that phone numbers, addresses, times and dates are highlighted - tap on the highlighted text to start the action.

While in an instant message, in the chat text box you can also:

A. Send an emoticon (if you don't see the one you want, check our full list) or Moji
B. Send an existing photo
C. Take a new photo to send
D. Send a video message
E. Share your location
F. Share a contact

Delightful and expressive, emoticons and Mojis are a fun way to display your sentiments. Here's how to add emoticons to your instant messages:

  1. Simply tap the emoticon icon  to bring up a selection of emoticons.
  2. Find the one you want by browsing through them, or you can Search using keywords.  
  3. Tap the one you want to add it to your message.


Sending and receiving instant messages on a call:

You can send and receive instant messages while you’re on a call. To IM the person you are calling, tap the IM icon The Instant Message icon..

To IM someone else, tap the minimize icon The minimize icon..

Editing and Deleting Instant Messages

If you wish to edit, copy, or delete a message, simply tap and hold on the message and select the option you want from the pop-up. Instant messages can be edited or deleted for up to 60 minutes.

Hide chats from your Recent tab

Hide chats from your Recent tab by swiping to the left on the the contact and tapping the Delete icon.

You will have the options to Delete, Hide or Cancel. Choose Hide.

You can also tap Edit in the top left corner of your screen, select the contact, tap Delete in the bottom right of your screen, then from the options, choose Hide. The chat will then be removed from your Recent tab, but the chat conversation is still available. If you wish to remove all the contents of that chat, you’ll need to delete the entire chat history.

Deleting your entire chat history

There are several ways you can delete your entire chat history.  From your Recent tab, swipe left on the contact, tap the Delete icon, then tap Delete from the options menu.

You can also tap Edit in the top left of your screen, tap the conversation, then choose Delete at the bottom right of the screen.  Choose Delete from the options menu.

Another option is to delete the entire chat history from within the conversation. Tap the chat header at the top of the screen and in chat options, tap Delete chat.

Group instant messaging:

Learn how you can add particpants to existing chat conversations or send and receive messages within group IM conversations.

Using special formatting:

You can use basic text markup in chats to use special formatting:

  • Surrounding text with asterisks (*) will change the text to bold. (Example: *sample text*)
  • Surrounding text with underscores (_) will change the text to italics. (Example: _sample text_)
  • Surrounding text with tildes (~) will change the text to strikethrough (Example: ~sample text~)
  • Surrounding the text with {code} will change the text to monospace font (Example: {code}sample text{code})
  • Placing two exclamation points and a space  (!! ) at the beginning of a message will send the entire message in monospace font (Example: !! sample text)
  • Placing two at symbols and a space (@@ ) at the beginning of a message will prevent or override special formatting (Example: @@ sample text)

Why am I getting IM notifications when I'm not in Skype?

The newest versions of Skype for iOS has push messaging enabled, which means you'll get a notification badge for new messages even if Skype is closed.

  1. Sign in to Skype.
  2. Tap the contact you want to IM.
  3. Tap IM to open the conversation window.
  4. Enter your message into the text box.
  5. Tap Send.

If you want to send a photo, just tap the The plus icon icon in the top right of your screen.

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