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Finding your way around Skype (iPhone)

Have you downloaded and joined Skype? Then you’re ready to enjoy all the great Skype features, such as voice calling, video calling and instant messaging. This guide will help you find your way around Skype.

To open Skype, tap the Skype icon in your applications list and sign in with your Skype Name and password, or sign in with your Microsoft account.

Note: This article covers the latest version of Skype (Skype 5 for iOS), but also includes instructions for Skype 4 for iOS here. If you're unsure of which version you're using, click here.

At the bottom of the screen, you'll see these buttons:

  1. Call phones. Use the dial pad to call mobiles and landlines. You’ll need a little Skype Credit or a subscription to do so.
  2. New Chat. Start a new chat with one of your contacts (or several, for a group chat).
  3. More. Tapping the More icon will bring up different options depending on whether you are currently in recent, favorites, or people.
At the top of the app, you'll see the following options:

  1. Profile. Tap your profile picture to access your profile, edit your mood message, add Skype credit, manage Skype settings, or access your account.
  2. Recent/Favorites/People. Swipe along this menu to access your recent chats, your favorites, and all of your contacts.

Tap a contact in any of the menus (recent, favorites, or contacts) to access the most recent chat with that contact. If you don't have a recent chat with that contact, you'll have the option to start one.

At the bottom of the screen you’ll see these tabs:

Options at the bottom of Skype screen

  1. People. Search for your friends, add them to the list and manage your contacts. You can start here to get in touch with your friends.
  2. Recent. Find your recent conversations, received messages and files.
  3. Call phones. Use the dial pad to call mobiles and landlines. You’ll need a little Skype Credit or a subscription to do so.
  4. Profile. Check out your account information and add or edit your personal details.

If you select a contact from your contact list, you’ll see their profile window:

A contact profile screen

  1. Remove or block contact.
  2. Profile picture.
  3. Mood message.
  4. Select the way you want to reach your friend.
  5. See more details about your contact.

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