Finding your way around Skype (iPad)

Have you downloaded and joined Skype? Then you’re ready to enjoy great features such as voice calling, video calling and instant messaging.

To open Skype, tap the Skype icon in your applications list and sign in with your Skype Name and password, or with your Microsoft account.

When you open Skype on your iPad, you'll see the options below:

The Skype main iOS screen displayed.

  1. Name. Your name is displayed here. Click your name to edit your picture, display and edit your profile, and update your mood message.
  2. Dial pad. Use the dial pad to call mobile phones and landlines, or to send SMS messages to your friends. You’ll only need a little Skype Credit or a subscription to do so.
  3. Add contacts. Search for your friends and add them to your contacts. You can also manually add contacts when you tap the plus sign.
  4. People. Manage your contacts and view your friends' profiles.
  5. History. View your previous conversations, received messages and files.
  6. Lists. Choose which list of contacts you'd like to view.
  7. Search. You can search your contacts by entering a contact's name, or search the Skype directory.
  8. Your contacts. The contacts in the active list (from F, above) are shown here. Tap your contact’s picture to see their profile and to call, video call or IM them.

If you select a particular contact from your contact list, you’ll see their profile window:

Contact’s profile window

  1. Profile picture.
  2. The status, name and mood message of your contact.
  3. Select the way to reach your friend.
  4. Your contact’s details.

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