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    Finding your way around Skype (iPad)

    Have you downloaded and joined Skype? Then you’re ready to enjoy great features such as voice calling, video calling and instant messaging..  

    When you open Skype on your iPad, you'll see the options below:

    The Skype main iOS screen displayed.

    1. SearchYou can search your contacts by entering a contact's name, or search the Skype directory; you can also search your conversation history.
    2. New Chat. You can tap the icon to start a new chat and choose who you'd like to chat with.
    3. Chat header. You can access the chat options menu by tapping on the chat header.
    4. Video or Voice calls. You can tap either video or voice to make a call.
    5. Recent tab. You can see your most recent chats and calls in the Recent tab.
    6. Contacts tab. You can see your list of contacts, add new contacts and add favorite contacts.
    7. Call phones tab. You can see recent calls that were made and make new calls.
    8. My info tab. You can see and edit your picture, update your mood message, change your status, change Skype app settings, get Skype credit, access My account, and Sign out of Skype.

    Useful things you can do in Skype:

    • To mute (or unmute) a chatmark a message as read (or unread), or to delete a chat, swipe right on the chat and tap the appropriate button. You can also delete the chat by tapping Edit in the top left corner of the screen, selecting the chat then tapping Delete at the bottom right of the screen.
    • To share a Skype contact, tap the contact card icon at the bottom of the screen, tap the contact you want to share and tap the check mark in the top right of the screen.
    • To video call or call a contact, swipe right on the contact, then tap the video call or call button:


    Now that you know the basics, you're ready to do more:

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