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What is Skype for Windows RT?

Skype for Windows RT is a new way of using Skype. This new Skype experience is designed with touch-screen devices in mind, so whether you’re using a Windows RT tablet, a desktop, or a laptop with a touch screen, Skype for Windows RT helps you to keep in touch with your friends in a new, simple and elegant way.

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A whole new look

Skype for Windows RT looks different, but still has the Skype features you use the most. Whether you’re speaking to your friends or adjusting your settings, it’s clear and simple to use. 

The Skype home screen.

Make a video call or a group video call, send an instant message, call a mobile or landline or send a text message. With Skype for Windows RT, you’re always on and ready to catch up with your friends, wherever they are in the world.

Group video calling

When you upgrade to the latest version of Skype for Windows RT, you can participate in group video calls with up to 9 of your friends (for a total of 10 participants). Though you're not yet able to share your screen in a group call, you will be able to view screens shared by other participants.

Learn more about group video calling.

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