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    How do I multitask with Skype for Windows RT?

    Skype for Windows RT runs in the full screen mode, but you can easily use other applications alongside Skype with the snap view.

    To use the snap view with Skype for Windows RT:

    1. Open the application you’d like to use alongside Skype, for example Internet Explorer.
    2. Go back to the Start screen and open Skype.
    3. Touch or move your mouse to the top left corner of the screen – the Internet Explorer (the last used application) tile appears.
    4. Drag the Internet Explorer tile anywhere to the screen and release it. The screen is split to display Internet Explorer and Skype side by side.

    Options from the sidebar selected in the screen with Skype and Internet Explorer displayed.

    You can easily adjust the snap view. Simply drag the divide bar across the screen until you’ve found your preferred screen size. To exit the snap view, simply drag the bar off of the screen.

    When just a small part of the Skype home window is displayed on the screen (see the picture below), the Skype menu switches from the horizontal to vertical view. To see the rest of the Skype screen, use the vertical scrollbar on the right side.

    Vertical view of the Skype application displayed in the snap view of the split screen next to Internet Explorer.

    When you slide the splitting bar to left and expand the Skype home window, Skype menu will switch back to its horizontal view. This is useful when you’re browsing the web, for example. You can snap Skype just to a half or quarter view.

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