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Sending instant messages (Windows Phone 8)

The following questions and answers will help you send instant messages over Skype for Windows Phone 8 and show you where you can find a history of all the messages you’ve sent and received.

How do I send an instant message?

Instant messaging is free on Skype for Windows Phone, just like it is on your computer. To send an instant message:

  1. Start Skype.
  2. Tap the new chat icon The new chat icon. and select the contacts you’d like to add to the conversation.
  3. Type a message into the text box and tap the send icon The send icon..

To liven up the text, you can add emoticons to your messages. Simply tap the emoticon icon and select the emoticon you’d like to send.

The emoticon icon in the message box.

You can send instant messages even when your contacts are offline and they will receive them as soon as they get online on Skype, independently of your status.

How do I send a group instant message?

Group instant messaging allows you to send instant messages to more than one contact at once. To start a group IM:

  1. Sign in to Skype.
  2. Select a contact from your contact list.
  3. Tap the The plus icon. icon and check the contacts you’d like to add to the group.

    Important: If the chat window displays a message that a particular contact won’t be able to participate in the group chat until they upgrade Skype, please inform them by sending a separate 1-to-1 instant message to upgrade at, or send them here for more information on cloud-based group chats.
  4. Enter a message into the text box.
  5. Tap the enter key on your virtual keyboard to send the message to all members of the group.


Where can I find my instant message history?

To find your instant message history, simply sign in to Skype and swipe over to the recent tab. Here you can see a list of your recent instant message conversations.

Can I hide my instant message history?

You can mark all your messages as “read”. To do so, in Skype, press and hold the Skype logo in the upper left corner of your screen, and then select mark all as read.

You can also remove a conversation from the Recent list. Simply long-tap the conversation, then tap Remove.

Can I use bold, italics, or special formatting in my instant messages?

If you upgrade to Skype for Windows Phone 8 (version 2.22 and above), you can use basic text markup in chats to use special formatting:

  • Surrounding text with asterisks (*) will change the text to bold. (Example: *sample text*)
  • Surrounding text with underscores (_) will change the text to italics. (Example: _sample text_)
  • Surrounding text with tildes (~) will change the text to strikethrough (Example: ~sample text~)
  • Surrounding the text with {code} will change the text to monospace font (Example: {code}sample text{code})
  • Placing two exclamation points and a space  (!! ) at the beginning of a message will send the entire message in monospace font (Example: !! sample text)
  • Placing two at symbols and a space (@@ ) at the beginning of a message will prevent or override special formatting (Example: @@ sample text)

How do I save photos one of my contacts sends me?

When you see a photo in an instant message in the latest version of Skype for Windows Phone 8, it's easy to save it to your phone; just tap and hold the picture and choose to save it to your device.

How do I delete instant messages and photos?

To delete a sent instant message or photo, simply tap and hold the message (or photo), then tap delete.

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