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How can I give Skype Credit as a gift to my friends and family?

Introduce your loved ones to Skype's great low calling rates by sending them some of your Skype Credit as a gift.

Here's how to give some of your credit to your friends and family:

  1. Go to the Send Skype credit link and log into your Skype account.
  2. Select one of your existing Skype contacts to send credit to. 

  3. Select the amount of credit you'd like to send. 

  4. Choose a gift card design that your contact will receive with the credit. 

  5. If you have enough money in your existing Skype balance, confirm your gift by clicking on the Confirm selection button.


    The credit will be sent directly to your contact. They will receive a notification via email and within Skype. Their credit balance will automatically update with your gift. 
  6. If you don't have enough money in your Skype balance you will need to buy more credit first. Click on the Buy Skype Credit button and you will be taken to the checkout to purchase more Skype credit.


    After you've made your purchase, you will be returned to the Send Skype Credit page to complete your order.

What if my Skype account currency is different than the recipient?

If your Skype currency is different than the receiver's, we'll convert the order to their currency at European Central Bank rates.

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