How can I purchase a Skype Gift Card from the Skype shop?

If you buy a Skype Gift Card from the Skype shop, you’ll make the actual purchase from one of our merchant partners, who generally accept common payment methods in countries around the world.

You can buy Skype Gift Cards in $10 and $25 denominations online.

In the Skype shop, you can customize your card by selecting a design and adding a personal message for the recipient. When you’ve made the payment, the card will be sent by email to the recipient who can then redeem it online in their Skype account.

Are there limits on how many Skype Gift Cards I can purchase?

To protect your account from fraud, purchase limits may apply.

Can the purchase be cancelled and can I get a refund?

We recommend that you contact the merchant partner from whom you made your purchase regarding its specific cancellation and refund policy.

What can I do if I have trouble purchasing or sending a Skype Gift Card?

If you encounter any issues purchasing or sending your Skype Gift Card, contact the merchant partner from whom you made your purchase.

What can I do if a Gift Card does not work?

If you're having trouble redeeming your Skype Gift Card, we recommend you to contact Skype Customer Support.

Buy Skype Gift Cards from the Skype shop.



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