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Problems sending or receiving files using Skype

If you’re having trouble sending or receiving a file that’s been sent to you, chances are it’s just a slow connection or bandwidth issue. Here are the most common reasons that you might not be able to send or receive files using Skype and what you can do to fix the problem. 

To make sure you’re sending files correctly, learn more about sending files using Skype.

Message limits

  • Not sent – file is larger than 300 MB

    There is a 300 MB file size limit on shared files. If you send a file that is too large, you’ll receive this error message.

    Need to share a file that’s larger than 300 MB? Try sharing it with OneDrive, any files you add to OneDrive can be up to 10 GB. 

  • File unavailable

    Looking for a file that you previously sent or received? Skype has a 30-day time limit on shared files in a conversation. Once past the 30-day mark, the file will no longer be available and instead, you’ll see a thumbnail with the message “file unavailable.” 

    Trying to find a file and don't remember who sent it? In Skype for Windows desktop, here's how to find files you've been sent


If you can't send a file to one of your contacts, first make sure that you have exchanged contact details with the person to whom you’re trying to send the file. You can only send files to contacts who already accepted your contact request.

Connection issues

If you’re currently on a Skype call, Skype will prioritize voice over the file transfer so that your conversation is not disrupted. The file transfer speed will improve when you end your Skype call.

To resolve issues with you, or your friends speed or connection, follow the steps in our Call quality guide.   


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