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    How can I sign in to Skype with different Skype accounts on Windows RT?

    To use Skype for Windows RT with multiple accounts, you need to have a Microsoft account linked to each Skype account you want to use. If you haven't already linked your Skype account to a Microsoft account, you can learn how here.You can sign in to Skype for Windows RT with different Skype accounts by creating separate Windows user accounts with seperate Microsoft accounts.

    When you've created a new Microsoft account or linked a Skype account to a Microsoft account, you can then set up differen user accounts on Windows.

    Create separate Windows user accounts

    This option will give you separate Windows user accounts. Each of these user accounts will have its own Microsoft account you use to sign in, just as if the accounts were on seperate computers. This option is perfect if different people are using the same computer, or for using separate Skype accounts on Windows RT devices.

    To sign in to Skype for Windows RT with different accounts:

    1. Create a new Windows user account (or as many as you need). Learn more about creating new Windows user accounts with this handy Windows user guide (under the section "Create a Microsoft account").
    2. Sign in to your new user account.
    3. Get Skype for Windows RT from the Microsoft Store, just like you did before, and install it to the new account.  
    4. Once you’ve installed Skype, launch it and link your new Microsoft account with your second Skype account.
    5. You can now easily switch between your Skype accounts by moving between your Windows user accounts.

    Your apps, settings, and documents are linked to your user account. If you switch to another account, you won't have access to them until you switch back (or unless you duplicate these on your new user account).

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