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How can I buy a Skype Gift Card from Facebook?

You can buy Skype Gift Cards from the Skype Facebook page using a special application built by our partner, Incomm.

With a Skype Gift Card, you can send Skype Credit to your friend(s) on any date, for example on their birthday, via email, Facebook or Twitter*. You can also add a personal touch to Skype Gift Cards by choosing your own design, writing a message or adding an audio or video message*.

*Where applicable.

Remember, you need to have your friend’s email address to send a gift card.

To create and send a Skype Gift Card from Facebook:

  1. Choose the type of gift you’d like to create:

    Create a Gift Card, Create a group Gift Card, and Give yourself a gift card” options displayed when creating a Skype Gift Card.

    • Create a personalized Gift Card for your friend.
    • Create a group Gift Card by inviting your friends, family or coworkers to contribute funds to your customized Gift Card. They will have the option to add their own messages that will be delivered to your friend on a date that you choose.
    • Give yourself a Gift Card! When you buy a Skype Credit gift for yourself, a simple Skype Gift Card will be sent to your email address. You can redeem it online or in-store and your Skype account balance will be then updated automatically.
  2. After you’ve made your choice, select a design or upload an image from your computer, then click Next Step.
  3. Enter the gift card’s title, your name, your friend’s name and the email address you want the Gift Card to be delivered to.

    You can select an additional delivery method, such as Facebook or Twitter. Otherwise, your gift will be sent only to the email address entered in Recipient Email.

    You can further specify the date on which you want your Gift Card to be delivered to your friend.

    Choose the value of the gift card or enter your own amount. If you have a promotion code, enter it in the available text box to get a discount.

    Enter a personal message you’d like to send to your friend with the gift. You can also add an audio or video message*.

    If you’d like to send a group Gift Card, first enter a group gift title that will be displayed on the invitations sent to potential contributors. After the checkout, you will have the option to send a customized message to others to contribute funds to your gift – simply add their email addresses. Invitations can be sent through email, Facebook and Twitter.

    Funds can be added to a Gift Card until it is claimed by the recipient. If you contribute to a Gift Card that was already claimed, a new Gift Card is created and sent to your friend separately.

    *Where applicable. You need to have a working microphone and Flash player to record an audio message, or add a valid YouTube link to upload a video.

    When you’re happy with your card, click Next Step.
  4. You’ll see a summary of your gift in the last step. If you want to change something on your card, simply click Edit. If you’d like to create more gifts, click Add Another Gift. Otherwise, click Checkout to complete your purchase.

    Verify Your Gift screen before Checkout of the Skype Gift Card purchase.
  5. You’ll be directed to your shopping cart, where you can see the preview of your card, the description with all the details, the amount chosen and the link to the Gift Card Redemption Instructions. You can remove the card from your shopping cart by clicking Remove. If you want to buy more gifts, click Continue Shopping, or, under Order Summary, click Checkout.
  6. Select your preferred payment method, PayPal or credit card.

    Choose the Payment Method - PayPal or Credit Card - to complete your purchase of the Skype Gift Card.

    If you selected PayPal, click Complete Your Order and you’ll be directed to the PayPal website. If you selected credit card, enter your details, agree to the terms of use, then click Complete Your Order.

Learn more about the delivery and redemption of Skype Gift Cards on Facebook.

If you need additional assistance, click Help or FAQ in the header/footer of the application or contact Skype Customer Support.

Buy Skype Gift Cards from Facebook.

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