How will my friend receive and redeem their Skype Gift Card?

You can choose email, Facebook or Twitter as the delivery method for the Skype Gift Cards you wish to send to your friends.

If you specified Facebook as the delivery method for your Gift Card, a link with redemption instructions is posted to your friend’s Facebook wall. They will also receive redemption instructions by email.

If you selected Twitter as your delivery method, redemption instructions are sent via direct message to the Twitter handle that you specified. Your friend will also receive an email with redemption instructions.

Important: You need to provide the recipient’s email address even if you want to send them the gift via Facebook or Twitter. All Skype Gift Cards are delivered to the recipient’s email address by default. As other delivery methods could potentially be blocked, email is the most reliable way to deliver a Gift Card to your friend.

When your friend receives the Gift Card, they can redeem it online or in-store just like a traditional gift card. Your friend will receive a 19 digit card number and a 4 digit pin that can be used online, printed out and scanned at a store, or sent to a mobile device.

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