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    How do I set up video messaging in Skype for Mac OS X?

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    Download the latest version of Skype for Mac OS X and keep in touch with your friends in even more ways by sending them video messages. You can record a short video, edit it if you want and send it to your contacts to share your life’s moments with them.

    The following questions and answers will help you set up video messaging on your Mac OS X:

    How do I record and send video messages with Skype for Mac?

    It’s easy to record and send a video message to share with your friends:

    1. Sign in to Skype.
    2. In your contact list, select the contact you’d like to send a video message to, right-click it and select Send Video Message.
    3. The record screen appears. To start or stop recording, click the record icon The Record icon..

    Once recorded, simply click the play icon The Play icon..

    The Re-record Message and Cancel Message options displayed after clicking the X icon once a video message is recorded.

    1. Click the send icon Send icon. to send the video message.

    Can I send a video message to a friend who is not responding to my call?

    If you’re trying to call your friend and they’re not responding, you can send them a video message. Simply end the call and click Send Video Message in the conversation window to record, edit and send your video message.

    How do I delete my video messages?

    You can’t delete the video messages that you’ve already sent to your contacts. You can only cancel the video messages you’ve recorded before sending them.

    How can I view a received video message?

    Video messages you’ve received appear in your Recent conversations. If you’re using the latest version of Skype for Mac OS X or higher, just click the thumbnail to play the video message in the conversation window.

    To reply to a video message you’ve received with your own video message, click the paperclip icon and select Send video message. If you’re using a version of Skype that doesn’t support video messaging, an instant message will notify you about receiving a video message and provide you with a link to that message. Simply click the link to view the video message in your browser. 

    When viewing a video message in your internet browser, you cannot reply to it.

    How do I save video messages?

    Did you record or receive a memorable video message that you want to save forever? Locate the video message in your chat history, right-click on the message, and then select Save.

    Alternatively, you may see a download icon after viewing the video message. Click this to save your video message. 


    Why do I receive "This video message is no longer available"?

    Did you receive a message "This video message is no longer available" when you tried to view or save a video message? It’s because legacy (older) video messages can no longer be viewed or saved.

    To avoid losing any special messages that you want to keep, we recommend saving them as soon as possible.

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