How do I enable Skype Click to Call in Chrome?


With the Skype Click to Call plugin installed in your Chrome internet browser, you‘ll be able to make calls to numbers on websites with just one click.

You may find out that Skype Click to Call, just like many other extensions, is disabled by default in Chrome. To enable the plugin:

  1. Open your Chrome internet browser.
  2. Click the Chrome menu icon The screenshot of the Chrome menu icon. on the right of the browser toolbar.
  3. Select New extension added (Skype Click to Call).

    If you don't see the New extension added notification, click SettingsExtensions from the Chrome menu, then check the Enable option under Skype Click to Call.
  4. The Screenshot displaying the highlighted New extension added (Skype Click to Call) option.

  5. To complete the process, click Enable extension.
  6. The screenshot displaying the highlighted Enable extension button.

Learn more about using Skype Click to Call.

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