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I used to use Messenger, what do I need to know about Skype for Windows desktop?

James is probably the city’s most stylish accountancy student – and an expert on training shoes and trading currencies. He used to use Messenger with a webcam, but since he got a new PC, he updated to Skype to keep in touch with his girlfriend... and to get hold of his broker via IM when it’s time to make a trade. 

He’s here to help you get to grips with Skype for Windows desktop:


With Skype, you can send instant messages (IM) just like Messenger. But it also gives you free voice and video calls to other people on Skype. Less money on your phone bill, more money to buy sneakers…

To get started, sign in to Skype with your Microsoft account (it’s the same as your Messenger ID).


Your Messenger contacts will be automatically added to Skype, so all your contacts – your friends, family and currency brokers – are in one place. If you want to see only your Messenger contacts, select All in the contacts list and then Messenger.


Categories and groups don’t migrate to Skype, but you can set up lists in seconds. Right-click on the Contacts tab and select Create new list. Give it a name then search through your contacts and right-click to add them to it.


You can also make some contacts Favorites so they appear at the top of your contact list every time. Right-click on the contact name and select Add to Favorites, or left-click, hold and drag their name to the top of the list, then release. And if they stop being your favorites, you can just drag them back down!


To write a message, click on a contact, and an IM window will appear on the right. To send, simply hit Enter on your keyboard or click the Send button.



Add an emoticon by clicking on the smiley face in the IM window, or just type the usual shortcuts :-).



To share a file like a photo, drag and drop it from your desktop or file folder into the IM window – or use the plus sign at the top of the window and select Send file. You can share contacts this way too.



All chats are kept under Recent so you can go back to find the photo or file you were sent yesterday, last week or even a few months ago.


If you want to have a group chat, click on Create a group at the top of the contact list, and drag contacts into it – or just add someone to your current chat using the plus sign, then selecting Add people.


Adding new contacts is easy. Click on the Add a contact button at the top or use the search bar at the top to search by name, Skype Name or Microsoft account. Of course, all your Messenger contacts have already been merged to Skype. If there’s someone you haven’t seen for a while, why not give them a video call – free from one Skype user to another.

Learn more about Skype for Windows desktop. 

If you're new, the Skype Community is a great place to learn about Skype. 

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