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    How do I use Skype from my account?

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    Skype and, an intelligent email service from Microsoft, have come together so you can instant message and make free Skype voice and video calls with your contacts.

    The following questions and answers will guide you on how to use Skype in 

    It’s easy, just click the Skype icon to open Skype within your account and you'll be able to start talking to friends on Skype immediately.

    If you already have a Skype account, you may need to link your Skype account to your email. Click Sign in to use your Skype ID or Microsoft account. 

    You'll receive a confirmation once you've signed in successfully.

    This will bring your Skype contacts into your Skype experience on If you’re new to both and Skype, we’ll show you some tips on how to search for new contacts so you can get the conversation started.

    We may have some suggested contacts based on people you know who are also using Skype.

    To enjoy Skype voice and video calls with your contacts in, you need to install the Skype web plugin first. This will happen automatically the first time you make a voice or video call.

    The Skype web plugin works in the following browsers:

    On Windows desktop: Chrome and Edge.
    On Mac OS: Chrome.

    If you receive the message "Audio and video calls are not supported on your browser", be sure you are using Chrome or Edge.

    Important: If your browser doesn’t support add-ons, you can send instant messages to your contacts in but the Skype voice and video call options won’t be available. However, you can enjoy making Skype voice and video calls from the Skype app.

    The Skype web plugin is not supported on Linux and Chromebooks. Learn more about how to install the Skype web plugin.

    You can also instant message your contacts in but you don't need the plugin for that.

    Select a Skype contact and choose from the icons at the top of the screen where you can make a video call, make a voice call, add someone to make a group or simply start an instant message.

    To contact friends and family who aren't on Skype, you can send them a link to join a Skype call or chat.

    Start by selecting the + icon, then the Share button to send either a link or an email to your friends or family. They can then click the link to join your chat or call.

    When using Skype from, you can use instant messaging, voice and video calling. To take advantage of all Skype features such as screen sharing or video messaging, you’ll need to use Skype on another client like Skype for Windows Desktop.

    In you can set your status to Available or Invisible by clicking your name and selecting the status from the options displayed. Click Invisible if you don't want to appear in the Skype Directory.

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