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    What is Skype Reverse Charge Calling?

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    Skype Reverse Charge Calling is a new way to make Skype calls to the US or Canadian landlines without Skype Credit or a subscription. The call will be managed by our partner company, Telus, and the person you’re calling will pay the call charge on their home phone bill.

    The following questions and answers will help you using Skype Reverse Charge Calling:

    Which countries can I make a reverse charge call from?

    You can make reverse charge calls from Skype anywhere in the world where the Skype application is available.

    Which countries can I make a reverse charge call to?

    Currently, Skype only offers reverse charge calls to the US or Canadian landlines.

    How can I make a reverse charge call?

    To make a reverse charge call from Skype:

    1. Sign in to Skype.
    2. Type “+1844 SKYPEME" (+1 844 759 7363) using the dial pad.
    3. Click the green call button.
    4. You’ll hear a set of instructions and you’ll be asked to enter the area code and landline number you’d like to call. You’ll be then prompted to record your name so we can ask the person you’re calling whether they accept your call and the charge for it. If they do, you’ll be put on hold for a while.

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    Can I make a reverse charge call to a US or Canadian landline number that is not valid or can’t be billed?

    Not all landlines have the reverse charge calling feature available. If a number is invalid or can’t be billed, you’ll be told so when you try calling such a number.

    We recommend that you either try entering the number again or try a different number.

    How much will the person I’m calling get charged?

    The charge is $6 per call. Calls are limited to 60 minutes per call. You’ll be notified before the call gets automatically disconnected.

    What if I’d like to talk longer than 60 minutes?

    You simply make another reverse charge call. The person you’re calling to will be billed for each call separately.

    What happens if the call I’m on is disconnected?

    If the call you’re on is disconnected, you can try making another reverse charge call by dialing the same landline number. The receiver will be billed for each call.

    How is the person accepting the call billed?

    The charge for a reverse charge call will appear on the called person’s home phone bill - Telus will be listed as the service provider and the from location will be Skype user.

    A charge on my home phone bill says “from Skype user” but I did not accept any reverse charge call. Who should I contact?

    We recommend that you contact your home phone service provider for further assistance.