Getting started with Skype into Space

Skype into Space is an astronomical new way of keeping in touch with your friends and family. This guide will explain how to use Skype in the vastness of space and explain the various precautions you’ll need to take.

Minimum requirements

To get started with Skype into Space you'll need a few things, most of which you might have around the house:

  • A multi-stage rocket capable of exiting Earth's atmosphere
  • A heat-shielded vehicle capable of terrestrial re-entry, or an existential decision to never return to Earth
  • A launch-pad big enough to avoid damaging the geraniums on engine ignition
  • A fish bowl to be placed securely on your head before launch (remember to remove for best audio quality)
  • A huge white romper suit
  • Several months of low gravity training

Starting a call

Calling your friends and family from the cosmos couldn’t be easier. To start a Skype call in space:

  1. Work out the relative velocity between your own craft, the nearest communications satellite and the contact you’d like to call.
  2. Adjust Skype into Space's spatio-temporal delay mitigation algorithms accordingly.
  3. Click Video call.
  4. Wave, say hello, and talk about how everything seems so different from up there.

It's so simple even Laika, the first dog in space, could have done it.

Unexpected contact requests

We have little understanding of the nature or language of interstellar contact requests. If you receive an extraterrestrial contact request, please consider the galactic ramifications that your instant messages and video calls could have.

Searching for life in the universe

If you are keen to discover extraterrestrial life in the universe, it’s possible to send prospective instant messages out into the cosmos. To do this:  

  1. Add the relevant galaxy as a contact.
  2. Type your message (try to summarize humanity’s accomplishments as concisely as possible), then click Send.
  3. Wait. It may take several millennia for your message to reach its location.

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