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    How do I send and receive video messages in Skype for Windows desktop?

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    To record and send video messages, you need a webcam and the latest version of Skype for Windows desktop on Windows 7 or higher.

    You can record up to three minutes of video per message.

    It’s easy to record and send a video message to your friends on Skype:

    You can send video messages to both your online and offline contacts.

    1. Sign into Skype.
    2. Under Contacts, right-click the contact or group you’d like to send a video message to.
    3. Select Send Video Message.
    4. The record screen appears.
    5. After recoding your video message, you can preview your video by clicking the video window. Click The send button. to send it. To re-record or cancel your video message, click X.
    6. Wait till the sending is completed in the conversation window.
      A conversation window with a sent video message.


    You can also send a video message through the chat text box by either clicking on the Send Video Message button:  

    Or by clicking the paperclip icon to expand the menu options if it's not already:

    If you've called one of your contacts and they’re not answering, you can click the Send video message link in the conversation window to send a video message as well.


    To view the received video messages, first make sure you’re using the latest version of Skype for Windows desktop.

    The video message you’ve received appears in your Recent conversations. Simply click the video to play it in the conversation window.

    You can receive a video message even if the contact that has sent it to you is offline.

    If you’re using an earlier version of Skype, you’ll receive a link. To view the video message you’ve received, simply click the video message link to watch it in your internet browser.

    After viewing your received video message, you can click The back arrow button to be clicked to get back to the conversation window after viewing a received video message. to reply with a video message.

    Did you record or receive a memorable video message that you want to save forever? Simply right-click it from your chat history, then select Save as.  Browse to the location where you want to save the video, then click Save

    You can cancel the video messages you’ve recorded before sending them. Also, once the video has been sent, you can right click on the video message and select remove message to delete it from the chat for up to 60 minutes after it's been sent.

    If you’ve received a nuisance video message and want us to delete it, contact Skype Customer Service.

    Learn how to block and report nuisance contacts in Skype for Windows desktop.

    To find the video messages you’ve sent or received, check the conversation history that you’ve had with the contact.

    Did you receive a message "This video message is no longer available" when you tried to view or save a video message? It’s because legacy (older) video messages can no longer be viewed or saved.

    To avoid losing any special messages that you want to keep, we recommend saving them as soon as possible.

    Here are a few pages that can help you do even more:



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