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Sending and managing instant messages with Skype for Android

Instant messaging is free on Skype for Android phones and Android tablets, just like it is on your computer. It's a cinch to send messages, and there are many features to help you manage your conversations.

Want to delete or hide a conversation? Lean more.


Sending an instant message

Here's how to send an instant message:

  1. Sign in to Skype.
  2. Go to the Recent or Contacts tab.
  3. Select a contact and type your message in the text field.
  4. To send your message, tap the send button.


Alternatively, you can also create an empty chat and invite anyone to join - even if they don't have a Skype account or have the Skype app installed.

  1. On the Recent tab, tap the floating action button in the bottom right corner , and then tap the Chat button.

  2. Tap Share chat in the empty message to share a unique link.

  3. Select the app you want to use to share the URL.

    • After sharing the link, your friend can just click the link to join the chat.

  4. To send your message, tap the send button.

You can also easily add participants to send a group instant message, and send SMS.  

If you want to send a file, photo, take a new photo, record a video message, or share your location, tap the icon that matches what you want to send, or the action you want to take.

A. Switch to your native keyboard
B. Emoticon
C. Moji
D. File
E. Photo
F. Take a new photo
G. Record a video message
H. Location

Learn more about sending and receiving files with Skype for Android.

Delightful and expressive, emoticons are a fun way to display your sentiments. Here's how to add emoticons to your instant messages:

  1. Simply tap the emoticon icon The emoticon icon. to bring up a selection of emoticons.
  2. Find the one you want by browsing through them, or Search using keywords. 

  3. Tap the one you want to add it to your message. If you have large emoticons enbled and you send a message with 1, 2, or 3 emoticons without other text, they will appear larger in your conversation window. 


Want to express yourself even more? Bring your messages to life with Mojis - a collection of short clips from some of the most iconic TV shows and movies. 

To preview and send a Moji:

  1. Tap the Moji icon   in the text field.
  2. Choose one of the Moji tabs, or Search

    A. Featured: A selection of recently added and most popular Mojis
    B. Categories: Choose from one of the currently available categories - Hollywood, BBC, The Muppets, and Bollywood. New categories are added regularly, so be sure to check back. 
    C. Search using keywords.

  3. To send the Moji, tap it again. 

  4. Your Moji will appear in the chat.


Copy or quote an instant message

To copy an instant message:

  1. Tap and hold the message you’d like to copy.

  2. Select Copy message.

  3. The message is copied to your clipboard and can be pasted to another IM conversation or a different application.


To quote an instant message:

  1. Tap and hold the message you’d like to quote.

  2. Select Quote message.

  3. The message with the timestamp and author’s name appears in the text field.

  4. Tap the text field to edit the message if needed, then tap the send button .


Finding recent instant messages

If you close an instant message conversation and someone sends you a message, you’ll find it under Recent along with your instant message history.

Your instant messages are listed in chronological order. Unread messages are bolded with an orange indicator that shows the number of unread messages in that conversation.


How do I mute notifications from a contact or group?

If you don't want to receive notifications from a contact or group, you can mute them. 

  1. Go to the Recents tab. 

  2. Tap and hold a contact or conversation.

  3. Tap the notification icon to mute notifications, just tap it again if you want to unmute. 

Schedule a call

Follow these steps to schedule a call with one of your contacts by creating a calendar event:

  1. Go to the Recent tab. 
  2. Tap the contact you want to plan a call with. 
  3. Tap the menu button, and then tap Schedule a call. 

  4. If you have the Outlook app installed, tapping Schedule a call will allow you to create a new Outlook event.

    If you don’t have the Outlook app installed, you can easily download and install it after tapping Schedule a call. If you prefer to use an alternate calendar app, tap Select App and choose the calendar app you want to use.


How do I mark conversations as read?

Follow these steps to  can mark all messages in a one-on-one conversation, or a group as read:

  1. Go to the Recent tab. 

  2. Tap and hold a contact or conversation.

  3. Tap the message icon to mark the conversation as read without having to open it. 


Using special formatting

You can use basic text markup in chats to use special formatting:

  • Surrounding text with asterisks (*) will change the text to bold. (Example: *sample text*)

  • Surrounding text with underscores (_) will change the text to italics. (Example: _sample text_)

  • Surrounding text with tildes (~) will change the text to strikethrough (Example: ~sample text~)

  • Surrounding the text with {code} will change the text to monospace font (Example: {code}sample text{code})

  • Placing two exclamation points and a space  (!! ) at the beginning of a message will send the entire message in monospace font (Example: !! sample text)

  • Placing two at symbols and a space (@@ ) at the beginning of a message will prevent or override special formatting (Example: @@ sample text)

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