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How do I send and receive photos, videos and other files in Skype for Android?

With Skype for Android phones and tablets, you can send photos, Mojis, videos and other files to your Skype contacts or to a group for free*. You can also receive files and store them.

*Mobile operator data charges may apply. To avoid data charges over a 3G and 4G networks, we recommend using a WiFi connection for sending files over Skype.

Sending files

Skype is great for sharing your files such as photos, Mojis, documents or videos with your friends who are on Skype:

  1. Sign in to Skype.

  2. Locate the person, or group you want to contact by going to the People tab, finding an existing conversation in Recent, or by searching.

  3. Select the contact and tap the icon in the text box of what you'd like to send, or the action you want to take:

A. Switch to your native keyboard
B. Emoticon
C. Moji
D. File
E. Photo
F. Take a new photo
G. Record a video message
H. Location

  1. If you're sending a file, select the application you’d like to use to find or create the file (such as file manager or voice recorder). 
  2. Tap the file and it will be sent automatically.

To learn more, go to Sharing files in Skype

Receiving files

If your contact sends you something, it will appear in your chat. To view a file, tap on it in the conversation window and it will open in the necessary app. Skype will still be running in the background.


You can send and receive any type of file over Skype for Android and you can view any file you receive as long as you have the necessary software or app installed. There are limits on the size of the file you can send. As long as the person you’re sending the file to has enough free storage space on their phone, they can access the file for 30 days to save and store it.

To learn more about size and time limits, go to Sharing files in Skype

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