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Finding your way around Skype for Android phones

To start Skype, simply tap the Skype icon in your applications list and sign in with your Skype Name and password. Alternatively, choose to Sign in with a Microsoft account.

Screenshot of Skype login

From the main screen of Skype on your Android phone, you can access your recent conversations, contacts and favorites, start a new call or an instant message/SMS text message conversation. You can also view and change your profile details and access other features or display more options.

The main screen in Skype 4 for Android phones.

  1. Profile image: Tap this image to see your account information, change your mood message and status, adjust your Skype settings and sign out.
  2. Recent: Find your recent conversations, received messages and files.
  3. Favorites: See the list of contacts you marked as favorites.
  4. People: Display and filter your contacts.
  5. Dialpad: Enter mobile and landline numbers manually using a dial pad.
  6. Message: Find contacts and start a new instant or SMS text messaging conversation.
  7. Menu: You can find this icon across the Skype application. Tap it to display more options. This button appears only on phones that don’t have the native menu button.

If you tap your profile image in the right corner of the screen, you can view and edit your Skype profile details:

The profile details displayed after tapping the profile picture.

  1. Profile picture: Tap the picture to change it.
  2. Mood message: Tell your friends what you’re up to.
  3. Status: Set it to Invisible and your contacts will see you offline.
  4. Account information: Tap the options to buy more credit or set up Skype features.
  5. Menu: Tap it to adjust the settings, sign out of Skype or get more help. If you don’t see this button, use the menu button on your phone.

If you select a particular contact from the People list, you can start a voice call or video call, an instant message or SMS text message conversation, and manage your contacts.

The conversation window displayed after selecting the contact.

  1. Conversation window: You’ll see your instant or SMS text messages here. Tap and hold the messages to copy, quote, edit or remove them.
  2. Text field: Type your message here. Insert an emoticon or tap the plus sign to send files or take images. Choose if you want to send messages via Skype or as an SMS text message.
  3. Video call: Start a video conversation with your contact.
  4. Voice call: Call your friend on Skype, mobile or landline number.
  5. Add people: Start a group chat by adding more people to your conversation.
  6. Menu: Tap it to manage your contact. If you don’t see this button, use the menu button on your phone.

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