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    Sending SMS text messages on Skype for Android

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    You can send text messages using Skype for Android phones and tablets at the same great Skype rates you get when using Skype on your computer. All you need is a little Skype Credit.

    Sending an SMS text message

    To send a text message to a Skype contact’s mobile or landline number:

    1. Sign in to Skype.
    2. Locate the person you want to contact by going to the People tab, finding an existing conversation in Recent, or by using the search feature.
    3. After selecting a contact, tap the plus icon .
    4. Select Send via SMS.
    5. Enter your message. You’ll see the number of remaining characters as you’re typing in.
    6. Tap the send button.

    If you can’t choose Send via SMS, it means that your contact doesn’t have any phone number attached to their account.

    You can also send an SMS text message to a saved phone number. If a person in your People list has a telephone icon next to their name, it means that they have a saved phone number.


    Learn how to add a mobile or landline number.

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