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    How do I view and manage my Skype Credit balance in Skype for Android?

    Skype Credit allows you to enjoy some great Skype features that cost just a little such as calling mobiles and landlines or sending SMS text messages. You can also use it to buy Skype products such as Skype Numbers.

    To view and purchase Skype Credit:

    1. Sign in to Skype.
    2. Tap the device's menu button, or the menu icon .
    3. Tap the line with your Skype Credit balance. Information about your Skype Credit is displayed.
    4. Tap Buy credit.
    5. Select the Skype Credit amount.
    6. Tap Continue.
    7. Select your country and payment method, then tap Continue.
    8. Enter the required details and tap Pay now to complete the purchase.

    Alternatively, you can purchase Skype Credit using your mobile browser.

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